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About me

There are many who call me an idealist – perhaps because I am passionate about what I do? For what could seem more important than being a part of making this world a better place – a sustainable world, which can feed and house all of our planet’s people, but also one in which we can secure a much better legacy for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren?

Everyone wants this, but not everyone thinks it’s very easy to achieve. However, with a large dose of creativity and some inspiring examples everyone can steer their company, their life and their journey towards the goal of increased sustainability.

I have the great privilege to work in a sphere of activity which I’m passionate about, and this enables me to meet people who wish to change things and change themselves, in order to make a difference. They are, amongst others, managers, department heads, and immigrant women – and we all share same kind of dreams and hopes. To be involved in their journey and to witness their joy when they discover the opportunities which lay before them is so enriching and inspiring that I often cannot help thinking that I have the best job in the world!

This is what I do

Project management

In order to implement a successful project, it is important to have someone who has a good understanding of project management and who is able to take a holistic and compassionate approach so that the proposed endeavor is best placed to realize its ambitions at all times. The project manager must dare to ask all the necessary and relevant questions, and to not only ensure that a programme is always on course to accomplish its aims, but to reach them within the set timescale and within any financial constraints.

I have worked in project management for many years, particularly in the areas of human rights, democracy, social issues, sustainable development, rural development and culture.

Project development

Often the biggest obstacle to starting a project, is a lack of knowledge about how to formulate and write a good project application. This, together with being able to find out about the best sources of funding, often present major challenges which can be daunting and difficult to navigate at first. But, because of my hands-on experience and deep interest in the field of project management – I am well placed to advise on these and other issues.

However – a project description and application shouldn’t be undertaken solely by an external agency. The client knows what kinds of activities need to be tackled, and should be involved in all preparations of the project. This is my preferred method of working, and whilst a project should always progress in a fair, democratic and constructive manner, the general oversight, coordination and focus remain the constant responsibility of the project manager.


My specialities are within CSR, Sustainability, Fairtrade and Fair Travel. I give inspiring and motivational lectures ranging from 1 to 4 hours in lenght, entirely organized according to the client’s needs.


I am a qualified instructor in Fairtrade, and provide training for aspiring Fairtrade ambassadors. My clients range from municipalities to trade unions and NGOs. A Fairtrade ambassador’s course of instruction lasts 12-14 hours in total which can be arranged to suit the customer’s requirements. See more at

Cultural activities

Since finishing my studies at Linköping University my interest in culture, art, history and music remains as strong as ever. Thus, there have been many events over the years (exhibitions, concerts, street fairs etc) where I took the role of producer or co-producer. Since 2008, I have been involved in arranging the GiG concerts for 10 weeks in a row every summer in Knäppingsborg. Later on, in the end of September, Norrköping is brightened up by the Night of Culture, when I am responsible for booking acts and stage performances for various locations and venues mainly in Knäppingsborg.